To support the server we have the option to make donations. And so you can get rank on Nightmare Network.

You can use: PayPal, RUT Acount (only Chile), to make your donations.

Clarification about the VIPs

  • All ranks are PERMANENT.
  • You have to follow the rules equally.
  • Ranges can be modified, but these modifications are not extreme.
  • Ranks can go down and up in price.
  • No refunds.

If you buy rank your name must be exactly the same as the user with whom you signed up for Nightmare. It is case-sensitive.

Ranks upgrades

If you already have VIP rank you can upgrade your rank from the store, or you can send an email to Give us your username and the rank you want.

I have a problem with my rank/upgrade/buy

Send a email to


Otras opciones de pago

Cuenta Rut (sólo chile)

Si vives en chile puedes depositar a nuestra cuenta RUT 17.130.131-9 y enviar una foto de la colilla del deposito a nuestro correo . Para convertir de dolares a pesos chilenos puedes usar esta herramienta ( ).

Other modes of contact



Facebook Group: